Monday, June 25, 2012


“Her apartment began to take on a claustrophobic quality, and she retreated daily to a nearby park where she watched people walk their dogs. Something was comforting about strangers—it seemed like they would exist forever as the same, unknowable mass.”
--from "Little Rock" by Megan Boyle

"The window went that kind of black which means the nighttime is opening. I said, hello nighttime, and started scratching my head." --Ben Brooks

Outside there are trees and raccoons.
In here there is just me.
Maybe I should run away.
If I reach another country, where they must believe me when I say:

I am a wild fox.

I will burrow in the yard and bark when I think of you.
I will hide myself away.
And most important of all, nobody will disturb me.
--from "Aphasia" by Jacob Steinberg

“He took a bag of chocolate-covered peanut candy out of his cargo pants pocket and held the bag upside down until half went into his mouth.

While pouring, he kept his lips open in a concentrated ring, and his eyes were open, looking upward and determined.

The candy clicked against his teeth and he seemed to be doing some type of throat clench to keep from choking.” 
–from “Training” by Sam Pink

“it probably happened when matthew gordon was sitting in sarah blackmore’s swingset and asked ‘so, you’d like, suck my dick if i asked you?  it probably happened when i took my parents car two night after he asked me that question and I gave him a blowjob underneath the starry sky. (his belt was so hard to unbuckle and it felt like irony when I looked up and could clearly see orion’s belt as a perfect constellation—mocking me).” –from “Possibly, Maybe” by Walter Mackey

If I’m going to die I got places to go
Like the ground
Give me this liquefied pizza
And if it’s ‘vegan pepperoni’
I swear to god I will haunt you
In my death
Until your death
--from "American" by Beach Sloth

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