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Jiduu Krishnamurti on fear

Peace is the state of mind; it is the freedom of all desire to be secure. The mind-heart that seeks security is always under then shadow of fear. Our desire is not only of material security, but much more for inner, psychological security, and it is this desire to be inwardly secure through virtue through beleif, through a nation that creates a limiting and conflicting groups and ideas.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Death

You cannot rationalize death away, saying that all things die. that the fresh green leaf of spring is blown away in the autumn and so on. You can reason and find explanation for death, or try to conquer by will the fear of death, or find a belief for the substitute of that fear; but all this is still the action of the mind.

Atttaiining knowledge of the self

* Not leaving the Self is true Knowledge (Jnana).

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Inscrutable are the ways of Fakir

Shama, you are as a newborn infant, as yet! Unless Allah Favors him, what can I do?
Can anybody step up to this mosque without being Allahmiya’s debtor? Inscrutable are the ways of Fakir here. Over Him, I have no control.

Sai Baba of Shirdi

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On Suurender and Karma

* Perform your duty conscientiously and with detachment regarding yourself not as a doer but only as an instrument in his hands.

* Surrender the fruit of action to Him (God) so that action will not harm or bind you. Let your love and compassion grow to all creatures of God. Do not engage in controversy. Words of others cannot harm you. Bear with others patiently. Accept your lot cheerfully without comparing yourself with others. Do not speak ill of others. Do not give tit for tat for each is answerable for his own actions.

Sai Baba of Shirdi

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tendencies towards sense-objects

* As long as there are tendencies towards sense-objects in the mind, the inquiry "Who am I?" is necessary.

* Without giving room even to the doubting thought, "Is it possible to destroy all these tendencies (vasanas) and to remain as Self alone?" one should persistently cling fast to Self-attention.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Shoot out at Lokhandwala : Movie Review

Few movies are made in bollywood that are based upon real life incidents. Shoot out at Lokhandwala is such a movie. Star cast is impressive, real life encounter event shown on big screen. Director Apoorva Lakhia gives faces to characters that aren't in public memory anymore, also enlightening those who weren't aware that such an incident took place in a bustling locality of Mumbai. Like his previous movies you will see heros goin in a stylish way smoking fags, good action, as in previous movies like KAANTE, MUSAFIR and ZINDA. I am sure its a movie dat people will either love or hate no mix up response. One thing I likde about the movie its not on the rise and fall of a gangster or underworld DON.

SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA is the story of Maya [Vivek Oberoi], who made extortion the buzzword in the early 90s, dared to disobey the 'Big Bhai' of the underworld and fought back a posse of policemen for six hours.

ALSO SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA is the story of a top cop [Sanjay Dutt], who along with Kaviraj Patil [Suniel Shetty] and Javed Shaikh [Arbaaz Khan], eliminated the trigger-happy gangsters in a residential locality of Mumbai.

Film is very true to its subject, its given the treatment it needed. ALso no masaala n dozons of songs.

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Power of Love and Love for power

Peace will come when the power of love
overcomes the love of power

Jimi Hendrix.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Love and Respect

Obviously there is no love when there is no real respect, when you don't respect another, whether he is your servant or your friend. Have you not noticed that you are not respectful, kindly, generous, to your servants, to people who are so-called `below' you? You have respect for those above, for your boss, for the millionaire, for the man with a large house and a title, for the man who can give you a better position, a better job, from whom you can get something. But you kick those below you, you have a special language for them. Therefore where there is no respect, there is no love; where there is no mercy, no pity, no forgiveness, there is no love. And as most of us are in this state we have no love.

True love is unconquerable and irresistible

Love has to spring spontaneously from within
And it is no way amenable to any form of inner or outer force.
Love and coercion can never go together;
But though love cannot be forced on anyone,
It can be awakened in him through love itself.
Love is essentially self communicative;
Those who do not have it catch it from those who have it.
True love is unconquerable and irresistible,
And it goes on gathering power and spreading itself,
Until eventually it transforms everyone whom it touches

Meher Baba.

Seek not Love but for the barriers against it

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely
to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.


Wonderful quote by the great Mystic Poet Maullana Rumi. This quotes point to the essential fact all the great Mystics and Prophets and teachers have been pointing to. Our nature is that of love, we do not need to look for it as we are it. There are many barriers within us that project themselves as love, many short comings like lust, possession, wants, selfish expectations, ambitions, greed which are needed to be known understood and got rid of.

Love brings about the transformation

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called
love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will
discover that for you the world is transformed

Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Love does not require a sword to rule

Love rules his kingdom without a sword


Has Love ending

True love doesn't have a happy ending:
true love doesn't have an ending


Strenght of the lover

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength,
and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish
much, and what is done in love is done well.

...Vincent Van Gogh.

Love and Fear and Obedience

Wicked men obey from fear;
good men, from love


The beauty of Love

Real beauty lies in the spiritual accord
that is called love which can exist between
a man and a woman.

...Kahlil Gibran.

Love and Time

It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship
and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual
affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will
not be created for years or even generations

...Kahlil Gibran.

Love of God

God loves each of us as if there
were only one of us

...St. Augustine.

What does Love Look Like

What does love look like? It has the hands to help others.
It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes
to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and
sorrows of men. That is what love looks like

St. Augustine.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Love and forgiveness

Is forgiveness love? What is implied in forgiveness? You insult me and I resent it, remember it; then, either through compulsion or through repentance, I say, "I forgive you". First I retain and then I reject. Which means what? I am still the central figure. I am still important, it is I who am forgiving somebody. As long as there is the attitude of forgiving it is I who am important, not the man who is supposed to have insulted me. So when I accumulate resentment and then deny that resentment, which you call forgiveness, it is not love. A man who loves obviously has no enmity and to all these things he is indifferent. Sympathy, forgiveness, the relationship of possessiveness, jealousy and fear - all these things are not love. They are all of the mind, are they not? As long as the mind is the arbiter, there is no love, for the mind arbitrates only through possessiveness and its arbitration is merely possessiveness in different forms. The mind can only corrupt love, it cannot give birth to love, it cannot give beauty. You can write a poem about love, but that is not love.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Love and sentiment

Obviously love is not sentiment. To be sentimental, to be emotional, is not love, because sentimentality and emotion are mere sensations. A religious person who weeps about Jesus or Krishna, about his guru or somebody else, is merely sentimental, emotional. He is indulging in sensation, which is a process of thought, and thought is not love. Thought is the result of sensation, so the person who is sentimental, who is emotional, cannot possibly know love. Again, aren't we emotional and sentimental? Sentimentality, emotionalism, is merely a form of self-expansion. To be full of emotion is obviously not love, because a sentimental person can be cruel when his sentiments are not responded to, when his feelings have no outlet. An emotional person can be stirred to hatred, to war, to butchery. A man who is sentimental, full of tears for his religion, surely has no love.

The essence of Love

Love is something eternal;
the aspect may change,
but not the essence

Vincent Van Gogh.

Giving is Love

True love is spelled G-I-V-E. It is not based on what you can get,
but rooted in what you can give to the other person

Josh McDowell.

Communication in Silence

Couples who love each other tell each other
a thousand things without talking

Chinese Proverb.
The true lovers have the language of the silence, they don't need to talk about love. It is conveyed in each others presence or remembrance. It's a happening, it happens without their effort, the great force of love transport them in a different world, and they can feel what words cannot convey. There are no demands, no wants and they should be careful that the energy of love should work on them and get deeper in their selves and higher in spirits, there are lot of other things which project themselves as love takes the real thing away.

Love one soul two bodies

Love is composed of a single soul
inhabiting two bodies


Love and Passion

Passionate love is a quenchless thirst

Kahlil Gibran.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Love and sentiment

Obviously love is not sentiment. To be sentimental, to be emotional, is not love, because sentimentality and emotion are mere sensations. A religious person who weeps about Jesus or Krishna, about his guru or somebody else, is merely sentimental, emotional. He is indulging in sensation, which is a process of thought, and thought is not love. Thought is the result of sensation, so the person who is sentimental, who is emotional, cannot possibly know love. Again, aren't we emotional and sentimental? Sentimentality, emotionalism, is merely a form of self-expansion. To be full of emotion is obviously not love, because a sentimental person can be cruel when his sentiments are not responded to, when his feelings have no outlet. An emotional person can be stirred to hatred, to war, to butchery. A man who is sentimental, full of tears for his religion, surely has no love.

From: The first and the Last freedom.

Meher Baba Quote on Love

Revenge follows hatred and forgiveness follows love. Without love none can cultivate the noble habit of forgetting and forgiving. You forgive a wrong done to you in the same measure in which you love the wrongdoer.

You can counteract a disease only by its antidote.Love is the antidote to hatred. When you feel like hating a man try to remind yourself that he is a form of your own Self.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Love and possession

What is love with most of us? When we say we love somebody, what do we mean? We mean we possess that person. From that possession arises jealousy, because if I lose him or her what happens? I feel empty, lost; therefore I legalize possession; I hold him or her. From holding, possessing that person, there is jealousy, there is fear and all the innumerable conflicts that arise from possession. Surely such possession is not love, is it?

From: The first and the Last freedom.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on contentment

Does not effort mean a struggle to change what is into what is not, or into what it should be or should become? That is we are constantly struggling to avoid facing what is, or we are trying to get away from it or to transform or modify what is. A man who is truly content is the man who understands what is, gives the right significance to what is. That is true contentment; it is not concerned with having few or many possessions but with the understanding of the whole significance of what is; and that can only come when you recognize what is, when you are aware of it, not when you are trying to modify it or change it.

From: The first and the Last freedom.

Meher Baba Quote on Love

I love you.

Do not worry about your weaknesses. Eventually they will go; even if they linger, love will one day consume them.

Everything disappears in the Ocean of Love. Because I love you, you have a pool of love within you. When you feel wretched, when you fall in your weakness, have a dip in that pool of love. Refresh yourself in that pool of love.

It is always there. Even if you wash your weaknesses every day in the pool it will remain clear. Don't worry. Baba loves you, that is what really matters.

Meher Baba

Lao Tzu Quote on Love, Courage and generosity

I have three treasures. Guard and keep them:
The first is deep love,
The second is frugality,
And the third is not to dare to be ahead of the world.
Because of deep love, one is courageous.
Because of frugality, one is generous.
Because of not daring to be ahead of the world, one becomes the leader of the world.

Lao Tzu
The Way of Lao-tzu


To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God.

If, instead of seeing faults in others, we look within ourselves, we are loving God.

If, instead of robbing others to help ourselves, we rob ourselves to help others, we are loving God.

If we suffer in the sufferings of others and feel happy in the happiness of others, we are loving God.

If, instead of worrying over our own misfortunes, we think ourselves more fortunate than many many others, we are loving God.

If we endure our lot with patience and contentment, accepting it as His Will, we are loving God.

If we understand and feel that the greatest act of devotion and worship to God is not to hurt or harm any of His beings, we are loving God.

To love God as He ought to be loved, we must live for God and die for God, knowing that the goal of life is to Love God, and find Him as our own self.

Meher Baba

This poem has taken my heart and soul, in fact it is after reading this, the drawing towards Meher Baba's words and read and read more here , and later visited the Meher Baba Samadhi and the Meher Baba center in Ahmadnagar, and bought many books from there, the most significant being "God Speaks"

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on tranquillity

If you are aware of that process of thought and feeling, you will see that there is a constant battle going on, an effort to change, to modify, to alter what is. This is the effort to become, and becoming is a direct avoidance of what is. Through self-knowledge, through constant awareness, you will find that strife, battle, the conflict of becoming, leads to pain, to sorrow and ignorance. It is only if you are aware of inward insufficiency and live with it without escape, accepting it wholly, that you will discover an extraordinary tranquillity, a tranquillity which is not put together, made up, but a tranquillity which comes with understanding of what is. Only in that state of tranquillity is there creative being.

From: The first and the Last freedom.

Love Poem of Rumi A sufi Mystic Poet

If I could have known to value what I owned

i've travelled around
raced through every city
while i knew all along
no place could be found
like the city of love

if i could have known
to value what i owned
i would not have suffered
like a fool
the life of a vagabond

i've heard many tunes
all over the globe
all empty
as a kettledrum
except the music of love

it was the sound of
that hollow drum
that made me fall
from the heavens
to this mortal life

i used to soar
among souls
like a heart's flight
winglessly roaming and
celestially happy

i used to drink
like a flower that drinks
without lips or throat
of the wine that overflows
with laughter and joy

i was summoned by love
to prepare for a journey
to the temple of

i cried desperately
i begged and pleaded
and shredded my clothes
not to be sent
to this world

just the way i fear now
going away
to the other world
i was frightened then
to make my descent

love asked me to go
with no fear to be alone
promising to be close
everywhere i go
closer than my veins

love threw its spell
its magic and allure
using coyness and charm
i was totally sold and
bought everything with joy

who am i to resist
love's many tricks
and not to fall
while the whole world
takes love's bait

love showed me
a path but then
lost me on the way
if i could have resisted
i would have found my way

i can show you my friend
surely how you can get there
but here and now
my pen has broken down
before telling you how

Ghazal (Ode) 1509
Translation by Nader Khalili
"Rumi, Fountain of Fire"
Burning Gate Press, Los Angeles, 1994.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Quote on Meditation

Although tendencies towards sense-objects, which have been recurring down the ages, rise in countless numbers like the waves of the ocean, they will all perish as meditation on one's nature becomes more and more intense.

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Sri Ramana Maharshi on thoughts and self

What does it matter how many thoughts rise? At the very moment that each thought rises, if one vigilantly inquires, "To whom did this rise?" it will be known "To me." If one then inquires, "Who am I?" the mind will turn back to its source (the Self) and the thought which had risen will also subside. By repeatedly practicing thus, the power of the mind to abide in its source increases.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote on Love and Respect

You may say that you have respect but your respect is for the superior, it is merely the respect that comes from wanting something, the respect of fear. If you really felt respect, you would be respectful to the lowest as well as to the so-called highest; since you haven't that, there is no love. How few of us are generous, forgiving, merciful! You are generous when it pays you, you are merciful when you can see something in return.

From: The first and the Last freedom.

Friendship Quote by Sufi Mystic Poet Rumi

Friendship is as precious as gold.
Why entrust it to one who will betray it?
Spend time near the One with whom your trusts
are safe from loss or violation.
Be close with the One who created human nature,
the One who nurtured the character of the prophets--
who if given a lamb, will give you back a whole flock of sheep.
Truly, the Sustainer cares for and increases every good quality

"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"

Here Rumi talks about the Friends we should be with, and the company one should seek for. Further Rumi suggests us to be close to the ultimate, the one who created the human nature, the one who nurtured the character of the prophets, the saints, the sages. The sustainer, cares for us and if we seek the sustainer's company, the sustainer will sure send us the similar company (Friends)

below is some talks with Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansha, from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna about the good company:

MASTER: "God and His glory. This universe is His glory. People see His glory and forget everything. They do not seek God, whose glory is this world. All seek to enjoy 'woman and gold'. But there is too much misery and worry in that. This world is like the whirlpool of the Visalakshi. (A stream near Sri Ramakrishna's birth-place.) Once a boat gets into it there is no hope of its rescue. Again, the world is like a thorny bush: you have hardly freed yourself from one set of thorns before you find yourself entangled in another. Once you enter a labyrinth you find it very difficult to get out. Living in the world, a man becomes scared, as it were."

A DEVOTEE: "Then what is the way, sir?"

MASTER: "Prayer and the company of holy men. You cannot get rid of an ailment without the help of a physician. But it is not enough to be in the company of religious people only for a day. You should constantly seek it, for the disease has become chronic. Again, you can't understand the pulse rightly unless you live with a physician. Moving with him constantly, you learn to distinguish between the pulse of phlegm and the pulse of bile."

DEVOTEE: "What is the good of holy company?"

MASTER: "It begets yearning for God. It begets love of God. Nothing whatsoever is achieved in spiritual life without yearning. By constantly living in the company of holy men, the soul becomes restless for God. This yearnihg is like the state of mind of a man who has someone ill in the family. His mind is in a state of perpetual restlessness, thinking how the sick person may be cured. Or again, one should feel a yearning for God like the yearning of a man who has lost his job and is wandering from one office to another in search of work. If he is rejected at a certain place which has no vacancy, he goes there again the next day and inquires, 'Is there any vacancy today?'

"There is another way: earnestly praying to God. God is our very own. We should say to Him: 'O God, what is Thy nature? Reveal Thyself to me. Thou must show Thyself to me; for why else hast Thou created me?' Some Sikh devotees once said to me, 'God is full of compassion.' I said: 'But why should we call Him compassionate? He is our Creator. What is there to be wondered at if He is kind to us? Parents bring up their children. Do you call that an act of kindness? They must act that way.' Therefore we should force our demands on God. He is our Father and Mother, isn't He? It the son demands his patrimony and gives up food and drink in order to enforce his demand, then the parents hand his share over to him three years before the legal time. Or when the child demands some pice from his mother, and says over and over again: 'Mother, give me a couple of pice. I beg you on my knees!' — then the mother, seeing his earnestness, and unable to bear it any more, tosses the money to him.

"There is another benefit from holy company. It helps one cultivate discrimination between the Real and the unreal. God alone is the Real, that is to say, the Eternal Substance, and the world is unreal, that is to say, transitory. As soon as a man finds his mind wandering away to the unreal, he should apply discrimination. The moment an elephant stretches out its trunk to eat a plaintain-tree in a neighbour's garden, it gets a blow from the iron goad of the driver."

Love and reputation

Love and reputation, brother,
are not in harmony:
don't stand at the door of reputation, if you are a lover.

"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"

Self Inquiry quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

Cling to yourself, that is, to the "I"-thought. When your interest keeps you to that single idea, other thoughts will automatically get rejected and they will vanish.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

self inquiry quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

The mind will subside only by means of the inquiry, "Who am I?" The thought "Who am I," destroying all other thoughts, will itself finally be destroyed like the stick used for stirring the funeral pyre.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Inner Self quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

If you are vigilant and make a stern effort to reject every thought when it rises, you will soon find that you are going deeper and deeper into your own inner self. At this level it is not necessary to make an effort to reject thoughts.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Tragic love story or tragedy of social network sites

A tragic love story: Flourished on Orkut, died in a bullet

Orkut is in news again and this time due to the tragic death of Koushambi Layek who was murdered by her lover Manish Thakur, with whom she had developed relations on This incident again points towards the hazards of social networking.

WHEN EVERY BIG business house is running a business of social networking website, owned by Google continues to be in the centre of controversy for one wrong reason or another. This time Orkut finds itself in the midst of a murder mystery. The reason for murder is believed to be failed love which developed on Orkut.

This love story started in the AC three tier compartment. The accused Manish Thakur, a resident of Bashdroni in West Bengal, was on his way to Thiruvantapuram where he met Koushambi Layek who was on her way to the training centre of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The relation gradually evolved through scrapping on Orkut. After some time Koushambi discovered that Manish was married. Heartbroken she ended her relation with him, but was threatened by Manish again and again. Koushambi confided to her parents about the incidence and they tried to sort out the problem by talking with Manish.

Unfortunately the talks did not help and the police discovered her dead body in Mumbai's Sun-a-Sheel hotel's room number 202. After a thorough investigation it was found that Manish had killed her by his service revolver.

Manish, who works with the coast guard, has been arrested. Police sources confirm about taking him to Mumbai today.

Meanwhile Manish's and Koushambi's profiles have drawn thousands of visitors in the past two days on orkut. There has been a formation of two communities in the name 'Tribute to Koushambi Layek' and 'Koushambi cry for Justice'. The number of registered members in these two communities is increasing rapidly. Many visitors are also visiting Manish's profile to express strong reactions.

It perhaps will not be a very good idea to blame this social networking website. But this incident definitely shows the flipside of social networking on the Internet and the best thing one can do is be careful while using it in order to avoid unpleasant incidents and such mishaps.

" The past cannot be erased and regrets may surface but the pen of the future is yours to be held; to draw a beautiful life ahead."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Self Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

Stick to this "I"-thought and question it to find out what it is. When this question takes strong hold on you, you cannot think of other thoughts.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Love Poem Rumi A sufi Mystic Poet

That moon has returned, whose like the sky never saw even in
dreams; he has brought a fire which no water can extinguish.
Behold the body's tenement, and behold my soul -- Love's cup
has intoxicated the one and ruined the other.
When the master of the tavern became my heart's companion,
my blood turned to wine out of love, my heart to roast.
When the eye is filled with his image, a voice proclaims,
"Well done, goblet, and bravo, wine!"
My heart suddenly descried the ocean of Love; it leaped away
from me, saying, "Come, find me now!"
The sun of the countenance of Shams-i Din, Pride of Tabriz
-- in its track like clouds all hearts are running.

Translation by A. J. Arberry
"Mystical Poems of Rumi 1"
The University of Chicago Press, 1968

Love Poem Rumi

That moon, undreamt even by sky, returns
Bringing a fire no water can quench.

The temple of my body and my soul
Are made drunken and desolate by his love.

When the tavern-keeper became my soul-mate
My blood turned to wine, my heart to kebab.

When the eye is consumed by thought of him
A voice arrives: Well done, O Flagon. Brave, wine!

Loves fingers drag up, root and stem,
Every flower where Love's rays fall.

When my heart noticed Love's sea, suddenly
It escaped me and leapt in, crying, "Save me!"

Tabriz's glory, the face of the Wild One is
The Sun whose track all cloudy hearts follow.

Version by James Cowan
"Rumi's Divan of Shems of Tabriz, Selected Odes"
Element Books Limited 1997

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"After attaining God one forgets His external splendour, the glories of His creation. One doesn't think of God's glories after one has seen Him. The devotee, once immersed in God's Bliss, doesn't calculate any more about outer things. When I see Narendra, I don't need to ask him: 'What's your name? Where do you live?' Where is the time for such questions? Once a man asked Hanuman which day of the fortnight it was. 'Brother,' said Hanuman, 'I don't know anything of the day of the week, or the fortnight, or the position of the stars. I think of Rama alone.'"

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Sri Ramakrishna, who could read a man's inmost thought, said: "One doesn't lose consciousness by thinking of Him who is all Spirit, all Consciousness. Shivanath once remarked that too much thinking about God confounds the brain. Thereupon I said to him, 'How can one become unconscious by thinking of Consciousness?'"

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"But this is not possible without intense love of God. One sees nothing but God everywhere when one loves Him with great intensity. It is like a person with jaundice, who sees everything yellow. Then one feels, 'I am verily He.'

"A drunkard, deeply intoxicated, says, 'Verilv I am Kali!' The gopis, intoxicated with love, exclaimed, 'Verily I am Krishna!

"One who thinks of God, day and night, beholds Him everywhere. It is like a man's seeing flames on all sides after he has gazed fixedly at one flame for some time."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"God cannot be seen with these physical eves. In the course of spiritual discipline one gets a 'love body', endowed with 'love eves', 'love ears', and so on. One sees God with those 'love eyes'. One hears the voice of God with those 'love ears'. One even gets a sexual organ made of love."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"You may say that there are many errors and superstitions in another religion. I should reply: Suppose there are. Every religion has errors. Everyone thinks that his watch alone gives the correct time. It is enough to have yearning for God. It is enough to love Him and feel attracted to Him. Don't you know that God is the Inner Guide? He sees the longing of our heart and the yearning of our soul. Suppose a man has several sons. The older boys address him distinctly as 'Baba' or 'Papa', but the babies can at best call him 'Ba' or 'Pa'. Now, will the father be angry with those who address him in this indistinct way? The father knows that they too are calling him, only they cannot pronounce his name well. All children are the same to the father. Likewise, the devotees call on God alone, though by different names. They call on one Person only. God is one, but His names are many."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Self Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

You are the mind or think that you are the mind. The mind is nothing but thoughts. Now behind every particular thought there is a general thought which is the "I," that is you. Let us call this "I" the first thought.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Yearning for God Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"It begets yearning for God. It begets love of God. Nothing whatsoever is achieved in spiritual life without yearning. By constantly living in the company of holy men, the soul becomes restless for God. This yearnihg is like the state of mind of a man who has someone ill in the family. His mind is in a state of perpetual restlessness, thinking how the sick person may be cured. Or again, one should feel a yearning for God like the yearning of a man who has lost his job and is wandering from one office to another in search of work. If he is rejected at a certain place which has no vacancy, he goes there again the next day and inquires, 'Is there any vacancy today?'

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"The one goal of life is to cultivate love for God, the love that the milkmaids, the milkmen, and the cowherd boys of Vrindavan felt for Krishna. When Krishna went away to Mathura, the cowherds roamed about weeping bitterly because of their separation from Him."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

ecstatic love Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"The bliss of worship and communion with God is the true wine, the wine of ecstatic love. The goal of human life is to love God. Bhakti is the one essential thing. To know God through jnana and reasoning is extremely difficult."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Love for God quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"The point is, to love God even as the mother loves her child, the chaste wife her husband, and the worldly man his wealth. Add together these three forces of love, these three powers of attraction, and give it all to God. Then you will certainly see Him.

"It is necessary to pray to Him with a longing heart. The kitten knows only how to call its mother, crying, 'Mew, mew!' It remains satisfied wherever its mother puts it. And the mother cat puts the kitten sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes on the floor, and sometimes on the bed. When it suffers it cries only, 'Mew, mew!' That's all it knows. But as soon as the mother hears this cry, wherever she may be, she comes to the kitten."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

love for God Quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

"The world is water and the mind milk. If you pour milk into water they become one; you cannot find the pure milk any more. But turn the milk into curd and churn it into butter. Then, when that butter is placed in water, it will float. So, practise spiritual discipline in solitude and obtain the butter of knowledge and love. Even if you keep that butter in the water of the world the two will not mix. The butter will float.

"Together with this, you must practise discrimination. 'Woman and gold' is impermanent. God is the only Eternal Substance. What does a man get with money? Food, clothes, and a dwelling-place — nothing more. You cannot realize God with its help. Therefore money can never be the goal of life. That is the process of discrimination. Do you understand?"

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Love for God quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

If you enter the world without first cultivating love for God, you will be entangled more and more. You will be overwhelmed with its danger, its grief its sorrows. And the more you think of worldly things, the more you will be attached to them.

"First rub your hands with oil and then break open the jack-fruit; otherwise they will be smeared with its sticky milk. First secure the oil of divine love, and then set your hands to the duties of the world.

"But one must go into solitude to attain this divine love. To get butter from milk you must let it set into curd in a secluded spot: if it is too much disturbed, milk won't turn into curd. Next, you must put aside all other duties, sit in a quiet spot, and churn the curd. Only then do you get butter.

"Further, by meditating on God in solitude the mind acquires knowledge, dispassion, and devotion. But the very same mind goes downward if it dwells in the world. In the world there is only one thought: 'woman and gold

Self Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

Attention to one's own Self, which is ever-shining as "I," the one undivided and pure reality, is the only raft with which the individual, who is deluded by thinking "I am the body," can cross the ocean of unending births.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Reality Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

Reality is simply the loss of ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is no entity it will automatically vanish and reality will shine forth by itself.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Reality Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

There is no greater mystery than this; that being the reality we seek to gain reality. We think that there is something hiding our reality and that it must be destroyed before the reality is gained. It is ridiculous. A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your past efforts. That which will be on the day you laugh is also here and now.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Monday, May 14, 2007

Love Quote Albert Einstein

"More and more I come to value charity and love of one's fellow being above everything else... All our lauded technological progress--our very civilization--is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal."

Albert Einstein

Love Quote Albert Einstein

Love is a better teacher than duty.

Albert Einstein

This quote from Albert Einstein tells a lot, about love. Lot of us makes the mistake of putting more weight on duty rather than love. But if one allows the love to work, one can learn a great deal than what one learns through duty. Love cleanses one from the binding within and without. Love raises one's spirit and being to new level.

Love Quote Albert Einstein

You cannot love a car the way you love a horse. The horse brings out human feelings the way machines cannot do. Things like machines may develop or neglect certain things in people ... Machines make our life impersonal and stultify certain elements in us and create an impersonal environment.

Albert Einstein

This quote shows the subtle vision of the great scientist. Machines were not so prominent when this statement was done. However, in the recent times where the machines have taken the most important place in human lives, we can see the actuality in on much amplified level. Today most of the people's life have become impersonal. More and more weight is given on impersonal matters. The relationship between the humans, between the humans and animals, between the humans and vegetations are degrading, we just have to look around, and we will find what Albert Einstein saw. Indeed this is the mark of a genius and productive mind. The mind so much occupied in science and scientific invention, had the ability to see the feelings, the relationships, which are far more important.

The example he states is of the horse which was the primary means of transportations then. He could mark out the difference between the horse and the vehicle (machine) used for the same purpose. One creates feelings, while the other makes one impersonal.

" stultify certain elements in us " points that he was much much aware of his self, of the inner, while so much engrossed with much complex scientific inventions and studies. How great the man was!!!

Love Quote Albert Einstein

No, this trick won't work...How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

Albert Einstein

Love Quote Albert Einstein

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

Albert Einstein

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Love Poem Rumi

A lover asked his beloved,

Do you love yourself more than you love me?

Beloved replied, I have died to myself and I live for you.

I've disappeared from myself and my attributes,

I am present only for you.

I've forgotten all my learnings,

but from knowing you I've become a scholar.

I've lost all my strength, but from your power I am able.

I love myself...I love you.

I love you...I love myself.

Jalal ad-Din Rumi A sufi mystic poet

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Love quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Girish ( A devotee) to Master (Sri Ramakrishna) : “ Sir what is ekangi prema (one sided love)?”

Master : “ It means one-sided love. For instance, the water does not seek the duck, but the duck loves the water. There are other kind of love: sadharani, samanjasa, and samartha. In the first, which is ordinary love, the lover seeks his own happiness; he does not care if the other person is happy or not. That was Chandravali;s attitude towards Krishna. In the second, which is compromise, both seeks each others happiness. This is a noble kind of love. But the third is the highest of all. Such a lover says to his beloved. ‘Be happy yourself, whatever may happen to me.’ Radha had this highest love. She was happy in Krishna’s happiness. The Gopis too had attained this exalted state.

From Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Love quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

The devotion of the wife to her husband is also an instance of unswerving love. She feeds her brothers-in-law as well, and looks after their comforts, but she has a special relationship with her husband. Likewise, one may have that single-minded devotion to one’s own religion; but one should not on that account hate other faiths. On contrary, one should have friendly attitude toward them.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Love Quote Meher Baba

Love is the essentially self-communicative: those who do not have it catch it from those who have it. Those who get love from others cannot be recipients without giving a response which in itself id of the nature of love. True love is unconquerable and irresistible; and it goes on gathering power and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone whom it touches.

Avatar Meher Baba

Love Quote Meher Baba

Human love is encircled by a number of obstructive factors such as infatuation, lust, greed, anger and jealousy, In one sense even these obstructive factors are either forms of lower love or inevitable side results of these lower forms of love. In infatuation a person is enamored of a sensual object; in lust he develops a craving for sensations in relation to it; and in greed he desires to posses it. Of these three forms of lower love, greed has the tendency to extend from the original object to the means of obtaining it. Thus person becomes greedy about money or power or fame, which can be the instrument for possessing the different objects that are craved. Anger and jealousy come into existence when this lower forms of love are thwarted or threatened to be thwarted.

Avatar Meher Baba on lower form of love.

Love Quote Meher Baba

All the expressions of love at this stage has one thing in common, viz., they all seek to gratify some bodily impulse or desire through the object of love.

Avatar Meher Baba on lower form of love.

Love Quote Meher Baba

Even the forces of repulsion are in truth expression of Love, since things are repelled from each other because they are more powerfully attracted to some other things. Repulsion is a negative consequence of positive attraction.

Avatar Meher Baba

Friday, May 11, 2007

love quote and poems Rumi

My love, you are closer to me than myself,
you shine through my eyes.
Your light is brighter than the Moon.
Step into the garden
so all the flowers, even the tall poplar
can kneel before your beauty.
Let your voice silence the lily
famous for its hundred tongues.
When you want to be kind you are
softer than the soul but when you withdraw
you can be so cold and harsh.

Dear one, you can be wild and rebellious but
when you meet him face to face
his charm will make you docile like the earth.
Throw away your shield and bare your chest
there is no stronger protection than him.

That's why when the dervish withdraws
from the world he covers all the cracks in the wall,
so the outside light cannot come though.
He knows that only the inner light
illuminates his world.

Rumi : A Sufi Mystic Poet

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Love Poem Haiku

silence with You

i want to say
something to You,
but i have nothing to say.

all i need
is silence with You.

Self Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

This ghostly ego which is devoid of form comes into existence by grasping a form; grasping a form it endures; feeding upon forms which it grasps it waxes more; leaving one form it grasps another form, but when sought for it takes to flight

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Love quote and poems Rumi

What is the real meaning of "the inner nature of his parent"*?
God's creative energy is our parent:
the divine impulse is the kernel; the physical parenting is just the
O nut-like body, know that Love is your friend:
inspired by Love the soul will break away the shell
in search of the kernel.

*Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad.

Love quote and poems Rumi

Sometimes a lover of God may faint
in the presence. Then the beloved bends
and whispers in his ear, "Beggar, spread out
your robe. I'll fill it with gold.

I've come to protect your consciousness.
Where has it gone? Come back into awareness!"

This fainting is because
lovers want so much.

A chicken invites a camel into her henhouse,
and the whole structure is demolished.

A rabbit nestles down
with its eyes closed
in the arms of a lion.

There is an excess
in spiritual searching
that is profound ignorance.

Let the ignorance be our teacher!
The Friend breathes into one
who has no breath.

A deep silence revives the listening
and the speaking of those two
who meet on the riverbank.

Like the ground turning green in a spring wind,
like birdsong beginning inside the egg.

Like this universe coming into existence,
the lover wakes, and whirls
in a dancing joy,

then kneels down
in praise.

Mathnawi III, 4664-93
Version by Coleman Barks
The Essential Rumi
Castle Books, 1997

love quote and poems Rumi

The Lover is ever drunk with love;
He is free, he is mad,
He dances with ecstasy and delight.

Caught by our own thoughts,
we worry about every little thing,
But once we get drunk on that love,
Whatever will be, will be.

Poetic version by Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva
"A Garden Beyond Paradise - The Mystical Poetry of Rumi"
Bantam Books, 1992

love quote and poems Rumi

Let the Lover be disgraceful, crazy,
absentminded. Someone sober
will worry about events going badly.
Let the Lover be.

Unseen Rain - Quatrains of Rumi

Self Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

The attempt to destroy the ego or the mind through sadhanas (practices) other than atma-vichara (Self-Inquiry) is just like the thief pretending to be a policeman to catch the thief that is himself.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Self Quote Sri Ramana Maharshi

Having realized the Self, nothing remains to be known, because it is perfect bliss, it is the all.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Patience Quote Rumi

Patience shown to the unworthy
is the means of polishing the worthy:
wherever a heart exists, patience purifies it.

Sabr bâ nâ ahl ahlân-râ jalâst
sabr sâfi mi konad har kojâ delist


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

We are not concerned with human beings at all, but with our ideas of what they should be. The what should be becomes far more important for us than what is.

J. Krishnamurti

Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

There is a strange quality of violence in possession.

J. Krishnamurti

Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

You can't love something you don't know but you don't know anything, not even your wife or boss, let alone a total stranger. You only love that that of which you are certain, that which gives comfort, security. But you must love it the stranger the unknown.

J. Krishnamurti

Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

But do we know what love is? You know sensation, emotion, desire, feeling and the mechanism of thought but none of these is love. Your love knows hate, envy, ambition, fear; the smoke of these is not love.

J. Krishnamurti.

Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

It's death of yesterday and so the complete uncertainty of tomorrow. Love has no continuity, nor has death. only memory and pictures in frame has continuity but these are mechanical and even machines wear out, yielding place to new pictures, new memories. what has continuity is ever decaying and what decays isn't death. Love and death are inseparable. (Here J. Krishnamurti is talking about time, the death of yesterday and tomorrow.)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Love Quote Meher Baba

The difference between love and intellect is like that between night and day : they exist in relation to one another and yet as two different things.

Love Quote Meher Baba

One can find volumes and volumes of pros and poetry on Love, but there are very, very few persons who have found Love and experienced it.

Love Quote Meher Baba

How can one explain Love, there are as many ways of explaining love and obedience as there are men.

Love Quote Meher Baba

The greatest Law of God is LOVE, which holds the key to all problems.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Love Quote Khalil Gibran

Love gives not but itself and takes not but from itself.
Love posses not nor would it be possessed;
For Love is sufficient unto Love
When you Love you should not say, “ God is in my heart” but rather, I am in heart of God.”
And think not you can direct the course of Love, for love if it finds you worthy,
Directs your course.

Khalil Gibran

Love Quote Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

As long as there is ego, there is no divine love; and when there is Divine Love, the ego � there is no sign of it.

Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Love quote Hafiz

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me'. Look what
happens with a love like that; it lights the whole sky


Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Freedom and love go together. Love is not a reaction. If I Love you because you love me, that is mere trade, a thing to be bought in the market; it is not love. To love is not to ask anything in return, not even to feel that you are giving something- and it is only such love that can know freedom.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Love Quote Jiddu Krishnamurti

“The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Love quote Hafiz

Know the true nature of your beloved. In his loving eyes your every thought, word
and movement is always - always - beautiful.


Love quote Hafiz

Ask the Friend for love. Ask Him again. For I have learned that every heart will get
what it prays for most.


love Quote Lao Tzu

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Love Quote Sri Sri Ravi Shanker


  • Love is not an emotion, it is your very existence.
  • Here are the signs of Love. When you love someone, you see nothing wrong with them.
  • When you Love someone, you want to see them always happy and you want them to have the best.
  • Love is the highest strength, yet it makes you absolutely weak
  • Love cannot tolerate distance, and hatred cannot tolerate nearness.
  • You can experience Love, but you cannot describe it or express it totally.
  • Love is beyond sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound.
  • When there isLove, there is no ego; ego dissolves like the dew drops with the sun.
  • In the company of one who is living Love, you also cant but spring into that Love.
  • Love is that phenomenon of dissolving, disappearing, merging, becoming one with.
  • Love is that phenomenon of total letting go.
  • The seers, the seen, and the process of seeing all merge. The knowledge, the knower, and the known, they all merge, become one & that is Divine Love.

mast QUOTE

The significant problems we have, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.

----------- Albert Einstein.

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