Monday, February 28, 2011

Your Quote Of the Day

Joke of The Day
Pappu: Why didn't you marry until now?
Teeloo: I was searching for an ideal match.
Pappu: you still haven't found an ideal girl?
Teeloo: I found one.
Pappu: Then?
Teeloo: She too was searching for an ideal match.

Your Quote Of the Day
A diamond was laying in the street covered with dirt. Many fools passed by. Someone who knew diamonds picked it up.

Gyaan of The Day
Nepal is the only country whose national flag is not rectangular.

Your Quote Of the Day

Joke of The Day
Pappu: Why didn't you marry until now?
Teeloo: I was searching for an ideal match.
Pappu: you still haven't found an ideal girl?
Teeloo: I found one.
Pappu: Then?
Teeloo: She too was searching for an ideal match.

Your Quote Of the Day
A diamond was laying in the street covered with dirt. Many fools passed by. Someone who knew diamonds picked it up.

Gyaan of The Day
Nepal is the only country whose national flag is not rectangular.

Aslan333's Anecdotes: A Nigerian Tale

Aslan333 is off the hooooook!
Yes he...or she is _ a Nigerian superstar
I have not laughed as hard as I did this morning while reading this piece of comedy genius in a long, long time. 
I discovered this writer's work on Nairaland which is a Nigeria based chat forum. Worth visiting if your want to learn something new in an informal and oft times hilarious manner about this nation and it's people. 
I received an email from Aslan333 (pen name) giving me permission to post his work so here I am, deciding that the author is a he based on his email pseudonym, Bruce Wayne.
To be honest with you, I can't decide whether the author is a romantic, comedy or fantasy writer....he seems to expertly dabble in all. The first story of his that I laid my eyes on was Land of Shadows which I immediately decided had to be featured on my blog. It is more of a fantasy tale i think but i kept postponing publishing it and could not explain the why of that even to myself. 
Until this moment that is, this is what I've been intuitively waiting for_A Woman's Strenth
It is not Land of Shadow as planned but it is bloody hilarious, and I might also add that it is not, as the name suggests, about a woman but rather some poor soul whose life seems to be overwhelmed by them despite his "delusions of masculine dominance" (my opinion). And I must tell you, you will be knocked of your bloomers (aka g-strings these days)......and underpants by his beguiling, tongue in cheek humor that is transposed so flawlessly to his writing. 
And for those of us who's only exposure to Nigerian literature is through Africa Magic's cock and bull deplorable scripting, I categorecally state that this author bears no comparison or resemblence to such mediocracy. Yes his work is threaded and dripping with the uniquely outrageous Nigerian humor (you know the one'll have you splitting your pants if they too tight), but he is a writer in a league of his own, a writer worthy of a world platform....
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did if not more.

Warning: No drinking while reading this, liquid has a habit of making it's way up your nasal passage.

A Woman's Strength
Chapter 1_ I love my wife

I love my wife, its her mother I can’t stand. I know you must be saying if you really love your wife you’ll love everything about her. To that I say “you haven’t met my mother-in-law. The day started out great, I opened my eyes to see my wife’s sensuous body gliding gracefully towards me and as she opened her mouth my body was excited in anticipation of her melodious voice only to hear her say what most husbands dread “darling my mom will be visiting tomorrow can you please pick her up?” I hear the sound of a promising day get flushed down the toilet. But honey you know i have that business meeting tomorrow I say; {now there’s a lie if I ever told one}. Your lying she says. Just say you don’t want to pick her up. Me lying? I am the lord of this manor, the king of the castle, why do I have to lie? Am not picking her up and that’s final. We’ll see she says

On my way to work I sit in traffic, fuming. Who does she think she is inviting her mother over like that? Does she think I am our father Adam who said to eve “but God said we shouldn’t eat it and she stroked his head saying shut up and eat you silly boy” and the rest is history. Or doe she think am Samson who was singing “why don’t you braid my hair” hand in hand with Delilah all the way to the barbershop. No way. In my house my word is law. Am at the top of the food chain.

We meet at 6 o’clock for mid-week fellowship and she has saved a space for me. The pastors’ sermon is on the miracles of Jesus ad we open to Matthew 8 vs. 14-15. The verse reads “when Jesus arrived at peters house, peters mother-in-law was in bed with a high fever. But when Jesus touched her head, the fever left her”. What is this? Some kind of divine conspiracy? She passes me a note and on it is written “you see, Jesus loved peters mother-in-law” and I write back “yeah JESUS loved peters mother-in-law, not peter.

Its 8.30p.m, I sit on the couch channel surfing and starving, wondering why I refused to eat her food earlier this evening. She saunters to the front of the TV and says “I’ve warmed your favorite are you ready to eat now?’ who told you I am hungry I reply. I know your not hungry but just eat to make me happy she says. Okay just because of the effort you put in I say. We both know I can’t resist her cooking, but she expertly strokes my ego and am starting to wonder who’s really in charge.

Its 9.45p.m, she’s massaging my shoulders and we start making passionate love on the sitting room floor. Thank God our daughter is only a year old. I wouldn’t want our kids rushing into the parlor screaming “daddy what are you doing to mummy? And why is she screaming yes yes yes when no one is asking her any questions”. She gives the signals for another round, I can’t let her know I am exhausted so I apply delay tactics until we both sleep off.

Its 7a.m and I wake up to my wife’s angelic smile. And I start thinking, who am I to judge father Adam? And maybe Samson wasn’t such a not-so-smart person after all. I am the lord of this manor, the king of the castle. My wife whispers in my ear “honey my mom just called, she’s at the park”. Am on my way, I reply, while I fetch my car keys. I know your saying, after all your tough talk you still gave in. To that I say “you haven’t met my wife”

I hear voices. Am not crazy or anything it’s just that I get messages from on high from time to time. My wife finds it amusing while my mother-in-law finds it annoying. She’s spending a couple of weeks with us and I am sure her husband is hoping she extends her stay. She came at a really bad time because I am between jobs right now (nice way of saying I am not working) and my wife is supporting us. Because of that she never misses a chance to take a swipe at me. I mean just the other day when I was eating my wife’s delicious spaghetti and meatballs she just sat there staring at me, after about five minutes she walks into the guestroom and puts this huge mirror directly opposite me (to be honest one look at myself with spaghetti sticking out of my mouth and my bulging eyeballs made me lose my appetite) as she walks away she says “am sure if you take job hunting just as seriously you’ll land a job”

It’s Monday morning and I am preparing for an interview, I stand in front of the mirror psyching myself up, asking myself questions and smiling at my reflection. The horror that likes to “soro” stands at the passage (how could I leave my room door open?) ten minutes later I hear her saying “se mo so fun e pe oko re tun ya were ori kpe o tun tin ba re so oro” I don’t know what it means but it sounds pretty bad so I shout my goodbyes and escape through the back door

Its 3p.m, the interview was great and I’ve been offered a job. I take my wife out to celebrate. On the way to the restaurant I am hit from behind by some guy. I jump out screaming “you not-so-smart person”; he is full of apologies as he checks out my car. In my anger I give him a dirty slap and the last thing I hear is the sound of thunder before everything goes dark.

Its 5p.m, I open my eye(I can only open one) and see my lovely wife with the guy I slapped, it seems I am in the hospital (my wife explains the guy knocked me out with a punch; so here I am). I smile sheepishly and she says I married you and not Rambo. The man is full of apologies and takes care of the bill. I apologize too, and we shake on it.

Its 7.30p.m I walk into the living room and my mother-in-law says “my God you look like a gorilla with dysentery, what happened?” my wife explains while I go upstairs to lie down. I lie in bed watching shakira dancing on TV and I think to myself its stuff like this that cost John the Baptist his head.

Its 9.30p.m I wake up with a serious headache, as I walk downstairs to take some pills I overhear my mother-in-law praying “Dear Lord, she says, thank you for answering my prayers and giving my son-in-law a job today and thank you for letting him get away with only minor injuries, I know sometimes I am a bit harsh but I really love him, he’s a good husband and a great father. Surprisingly my headache seems to have gone. As I pass my wife in the corridor she sees me smiling to myself and asks “honey are you hearing voices again?” Yes I say. What are they saying this time? Good things I reply, good things. 

Chapter 2_Do women wrestle?

Are women meant to like wrestling? My elder sister does and she used me to practice her moves while we were growing up. Am not saying am a wimp or anything it’s just that she took my fathers size and strength and left me with very little. But now we’re all grown up and it’s a happy time in the family because my elder sister has finally found Mr. Right. She has had her fair share of guy troubles (which she is very sensitive about) so we’re thankful she’ll soon be strolling down the aisle. With so much love in the air I decide to send my sister a bible verse on love and ask my wife to text one to me. She sends me 1John 4vs 7&8 and I tuck it away to be sent later that day.

Its 4 o’clock and I get a call from my wife, she says my sister is at my place fuming over a bible verse I sent and she wants to know what I sent to her. I check my phone and see I sent John 4vs 18 instead of 1 John 4vs 7 &8 and the bible verse I sent reads “I know you have no husband infact you have had five husbands and the man you're with isn’t even your husband”. Memories of childhood beatings come flooding back but I shrug them off. I am a man now; my sister can’t come to MY house and intimidate me. I’ll just go home and tell her it was all a little mistake.

Its 5o’clock and as I open the front door I see my elder sister’s bloodshot eyes staring through a window. The minute she sees me she rushes at me looking like an electrocuted bush rat. I take off with speed that would make usain bolt jealous. As I sprint to my car I hear her shouting “Na me you dey call ashawo, wait make I show you how I dey cut firewood for house” I make it to my car and speed off. As a wise man once said “he who lives to run away…………………… or something like that

As I drive I ask “why me?” and a voice replies “why not you?”hmmmmmmmmmmm. This situation is more serious then I thought. There’s only one person that can cool down my elder sister and that’s my belligerent grandma. As I begin dialing her number I remember she has a serious hearing problem so I drive over to pick her up instead. It will all be sorted out in no time

Its 6.30p.m and I am on my way home with grandma. As I drive I look in the rear view mirror and grandma asks “what are you looking at boy? Nothing grandma just my reflection. You have got an erection? No ma I said I was just looking at my reflection. What is it about your reflection that’s giving you an erection? You got problems boy. I sigh; this is going to be a long day.

Its 8.30p.m and I enjoy a cold shower. After alot of explaining we settled it all with minimal violence. As I walk downstairs to cuddle my wife I see her watching a sci –fi film on television. There’s this man in a spaceship with frantic eyes, sweating profusely and screaming location 123, location 123, you sent me the wrong co-ordinates am not heading to the moon am heading to the sun. Apollo 16 this is location, we can’t hear you. I said you sent the wrong co-ordinates AM HEADING TO THE SUN. This is location, we cant heeeeeeeeeear you. Well I definitely know how that films going to end. My wife hears me, turns off the T.V and puts on Kenny G. As we cuddle together I think of her and my lovely daughter and say to myself “this is the life” a voice asks “why you?” and I reply “why not me” 

ends of chapter 2 - 
To "follow" this post just click follow on the home page and share as well to help introduce this author to the world,  I will be on the lookout for more of his work and post as they come.
And now to end of.....a poem from the author:

Give me strength, give me strength
help me rise like the phoenix
drown the banshees cry
save me from Lilith
and protect me from asmodeus
let Micheal come to my aid
and the stones of fire encompass me
lest the fallen cherub devour me
and the spirits of the nephilim possess me
give me strength give me strength
oh creator give me strength
                          written during the days of darkness

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An injured Korean War veteran with horribly burned skin “the color of mulberry juice” that makes everyone gag to look at, comes back to the shallow grave of his old home town, pursues his childhood sweetheart the Widow Rance, and meets a runaway teen who claims that God is chasing him across the country.

First Sentence:
“'What you will need now that you are about to be separated from the Army,' my captain had told me as I was picking up my mustering-out pay, 'is what in the days of my grandfather they called a valet or maybe a hired man.'”

[see January 16th post, "FROM HIS MOUTH, BLACK STRINGS OF SOMETHING..." for more about Purdy]


"To think of Shanghai is to think of night-life. The two are synonymous... When the sun comes in and the lights come out, Shanghai becomes another city, the City of Blazing Night..."
--1934 Shanghai guidebook

True Love Poem !

 Tear drops !

 As I lay in my bed,memories come back so right,every little thing you said to mekeeps on singing like a song in my head,

but when you said the word"WE'RE THROUGH"I can't imagine it was said by YOU!

And when you kissed me from the very last time,I cried and wish to stop the time,

What were you up to, I asked you,you said you found someone new,and she made your world so new

Wonderful Friendship Thoughts !

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
~ Unknown.

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.
~ Eustache Deschamps.

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.
~ Leo Buscaglia.

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.
~ Psalms.

I believe that friends are quiet angels who sit on our shoulders and lift

Lovely Quotes - Was it my fault ?!

Was it my fault to love you ?
Was it my fault to live you as my country !
I was breathing you
I was laughing you
I didn't try to make you fall in love with me
Why you are blaming me ?
Why you are hurting me as a bad girl ?

Go ..

Go and try to find a court .. that can get your heart back .. because i will never let it out of my chest.. Never !

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Lovely Quotes - I LOve You Truly , but ..

I Love you truly
I Wish you truly
I Need you truly

But also Truly

can't stand the idea of your losing
can't stand your leaving
can't stand to be not yours
Can't stand not to be your female

Lovely Quotes - The True Love

I can't stand your injustice .. i can't any more
The more i sacrifice for you .. the more you ignore me .. as i am not exist !
But , you know ?! This makes me sure , that i really love you
because i love the only person , who makes me sad and lonely.

Lovely Quotes - Love Is Not a Ghost !

I told you that i fear from love .. What i can do if i was a coward female .. Who can help me i am a shy girl ?!

Please give me some more time .. Coz i know that .. who fears from love .. falls in it

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your Quote Of the Day

Joke of the Day
Father to pappu : Why don't you consider every women as your mother?
Pappu : I can,but if i did so, What will people think of you?
Your Quote Of the Day
Bharatanatyam is now world famous with thousands of new votaries. What about Koodiyattam?.....I have done what I can. It has not been easy. One has to sacrifice a lot to learn Koodiyattam. How many persons will be ready for it these days? Will there be an audience capable of imbibing it? Mani Madhava Chakyar, Considered the greatest Chakyar Koothu and Kutiyattam artist and authority of modern times
Gyann of the Day
The highest cricket ground in the world is in the chali,Himachal Pradesh(2444 meters above sea level).

Your Quote Of the Day

Joke of the Day
Father to pappu : Why don't you consider every women as your mother?
Pappu : I can,but if i did so, What will people think of you?
Your Quote Of the Day
Bharatanatyam is now world famous with thousands of new votaries. What about Koodiyattam?.....I have done what I can. It has not been easy. One has to sacrifice a lot to learn Koodiyattam. How many persons will be ready for it these days? Will there be an audience capable of imbibing it? Mani Madhava Chakyar, Considered the greatest Chakyar Koothu and Kutiyattam artist and authority of modern times
Gyann of the Day
The highest cricket ground in the world is in the chali,Himachal Pradesh(2444 meters above sea level).

Is there a such thing as the perfect life??

I think for so long, I have longed for the perfect life. I think this is why it took me so long in my adult life to allow myself to just be happy. Live in the "Now" and be happy. I was always seeking perfection (In my looks, my career, my family etc) I could never rest and relax because I was striving for perfection so much that I always felt anxious.
It took me a long time to realize that I had to stop living for the future and just live for today.
Focus on the present and make your time and life better now rather than always working towards tomorrow.
Honestly, how do you even know there will be a tomorrow? LIVE NOW.

and that is my inspiration to start this coming week off the right way.


I was just thinking about something that has been on my mind all weekend, and thought i should let my thoughts out. Thankfully, you're reading them.

So I am taking this Communications class this semester called Communication Process. We learn and discuss various communication theories. We read the theory for Monday, watch a movie that corresponds with it on Wednesday, and then discuss the theory and movie on Friday.
   Last week was an interesting one. On Wednesday as usual, we watched a movie. However, this movie had A LOT of swearing. When I say swearing, I don't mean words like: shit, damn, hell, ass etc. In a lot of places like where I come from, those are not swear words. I mean words like the f bomb, and all other words that come from that one like anyone reading this should know. My schools is a Christian school, and my professor a very good Christian. Therefore, he was very bothered by the language in the movie, and was concerned that he was exposing us to negative stuff like that. After we watched the movie, he apologised to the class for all the swearing that was in it. OBV, it was not his fault. He felt so disturbed by this, and even later sent us an apology email. He did well, and i commend him for that.
    On Friday, we got to class, and discussed the movie and the theory, but only for a few minutes. He broke us up into groups and said in light of the kind of movie we watched the previous class, we should discuss whether Christians ought to watch movies with explicit sexual scenes and strong language. It was very interesting that he wanted to know what we as students thought about it. However, he wanted a yes or no answer. And i am telling you, i began to think right from then, impossible.
    We discussed in our groups, and when we were done, we began to discuss as a class. These were some of the things that people said:

1. If I can watch it with person A, but I cannot watch it with person B, should I be watching it at all?

2. If you are not convicted by it, then it is okay, but if you are convicted by it, then avoid it by all means.

3. If you are not convicted by it, but someone with you is convicted by it, then do not watch it.

4. If you cannot watch it if mom, dad, or Jesus was there, you should not be watching it.

5. It goes pretty much for anything including drugs, alchohol, etc If it affects you watching other people do it, avoid situations where you will have to be stuck watching other people do it.

6. With respect to swearing - The only thing that the bible has asked us not to say is the name of the Lord in vain. They are just words that the society attaches meaning to. Plus, it is a cultural thing.

7. When people swear, at least they are talking, so you can take the good out of what they are saying, and leave the swearing out of it. However, there is no good you can take out of sexual scenes. There is no reason for them in movies.

8. Those stuff affect you whether you know it or not. If you constantly expose yourself to negative stuff, it will bring you down.

So, I think that is all i remember people saying because a lot of the groups came to the consensus that it is a personal thing. You know what affects you and you know what you can expose yourself to. I agreed with some of the stuff, but I was indifferent about some others. Here's my opinion.
    I want to start with the question about who defines sexual scenes and explicit language as wrong or right. Yes we are christians, so is it our religion? the society? or even our personal values? or maybe all of these in context? Here is what I am saying. If I am watching a movie with sexually explicit scenes, and I am married with a husband, is it wrong? Be careful before you answer, cause in this same situation, I am a Christian.
Things tend to get pretty complicated sometimes. that's just my point. I am not answering the question, but it's just food for thought. YOU take time to think about it.
       We are all at different stages in our lives as christians. Some of us are just beginning, some of us are well into our walk with God, and for some of us, we are soooooo far into it a knife on our throats will not bring take us away from it. I do not think that as a beginner in the christian walk or journey you should be exposed to stuff like this. It can affect your walk with God and take you right back to square one. As someone who is well into your christian journey, I believe that you should have the discretion to know what you should watch, and what you should not watch. Whenever we said this in class, our professor called us out and said that in this present day, we like to make our lives a personal thing thinking that WE have control of things in our lives. I am not saying that we do have control over things in our lives, but do we not make choices? God gives us the opportunity to make choices for ourselves, so what I am saying is, make the right one. You know what will affect you. If you know you are easily led to sin by watching sexually explicit stuff, don't watch it. YOU have to make the choice. Also remember though, that the bible has said that if your right arm causes you to sin, then cut it off and throw it away. If you make the choice not to watch stuff like that, but your friends have made the choice to watch them, then do not be around them when they are watching stuff. YOU make the choices, God guards you.
     I also agree with the fact that for swearing, the society has just attached meanings to words, and it is a cultural thing. Why aren't shit, damn, hell, ass , etc swear words where I come from? Isn't that society? Isn't that culture? So I go home and I am a saint because i do not say the f word. I come to America and I am a devil because i say shit or damn? What meanings have Americans attached to those words that make them vulgar? Why arent those same meanings attached to the words in other places?
Excuse my language, but f**k, f****d, etc, are english words. Listen to what the dictionary says.

F**k: To have sexual intercourse with. To treat unfairly or harshly. An english word that is GENERALLY considered profane.

F**king: An intensifier. e.g. what took you so f**king long?

F***ed: Broken. In trouble, very drunk, annoying or mean.

This word has meanings in the dictionary that make sense to be used just like any other word. WHY  is it considered profane? My point here is that even more than just words and sexual scenes, the society twists a lot of things around.

   Another thing that came to my mind when we discussed this was that if something is being depicted as wrong, it shouldn't be shielded. If you are showing a movie with a prostitute for example, and you show her kissing people ONLY, and you say she is a prostitute, is that an accurate depiction? If you are going to show a movie about a young man or woman that changed for the better in all aspects, and maybe became a christian or something, and changed the way he used to talk and stuff like that, would it be an accurate depiction to not have him use "swear words" before he became a better person? Many people might disagree with this, but I totally feel like if you are going to depict a wrong behaviour, do not do it halfway. do it in full. that is the reason why i do not agree with saying that sexual scenes are NEVER  a necessity in movies. People need to know what is wrong or right. However, if sexual scenes or vulgar language are just used for the fun of it, then there is a problem.
    Think about the fact that we are also exposed to these things in many other ways than just movies, whether we like it or not. Its just the world we live in. Look at perfume commercials. Why are they so sexual? Go to walmart to pick up a magazine. The front page is probably going to be of a girl not dressed appropriately. Go to a CD or DVD store. they are probably going to be playing music in which every other line is a swear word.  How are you going to prevent these things that you have no control over? You NEED to be able to discern between what is right and wrong based on your values, beliefs, and religion etc. The same way you will not take in these things from public areas, is the same way you should not take them in in private. I know it is easier said than done, but in between that, there is trying. In the same way, apart from ratings, you do not have ANY idea what is going to be in a movie before you watch it, so you need to be able to take in the good stuff and let go of the bad. No matter how much you try to avoid it, bad stuff will follow you around anywhere you go. You have a choice to take it or leave it. God is always a source of help to  make the right decisions.

   So, its just some food for thought. I don't know what you think, but I guess that it what I've been thinking.
It's time to watch the Oscars now, and do my homework in between during commercials. :-]

That's all about my opinion on Christians, swear words and sexual scenes. .. as I do it.


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Clipart AC is the English version of the Japanese website called "Illust-AC", that offers a free illustration download system ( ...

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Free cross clipart graphics. Cross images and Jesus pictures.
Download free cross clip art images. Cross pictures and Jesus graphics.
1892 Antique Laundry Advertisement Free Clipart - The Vintage Moth ...
1892 Antique Laundry Advertisement Free Clipart. Date Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 3:04PM. Give the girls a chance to be good natured! Ha!! lol! ...
download free 3d clipart - - Search Torrents and ...
download free 3d clipart - - Search Torrents and Download Torrents. Download Music, TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Software and more.

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The “mother of mexican poetry” Auxilio Lacouture hides out for twelve days in a campus bathroom during the Tlatelolco massacre, in which the Mexican military attacked students protestors in 1968, killing forty and arresting thousands. Alone and without food, Auxilio writes poems on the toilet paper, hallucinates, and thinks about what good poetry does when all your friends are being shot.

First Sentence:
"This is going to be a horror story."
[The Guardian review by John Banville]

An Awesome Imagination.

This is my thought today:
A fantastic, awe-inspiring imagination is one with a proclivity for creating worlds, other worlds, unhampered by endings or limited to the temporal. It is an infinite spiral of thought only subject to the cicerone, in this case the thinker . Where sense and logic are whatchamacallits that hold strands of thought together but are never fetters or  the steer.
Where myth and legend is as absolute as the flesh and blood that summons them. Where the self is so lost that the magician that is him, is found.
An extraordinary imagination is where our banal reality looses substance and your world is birthed as reality.

Quoting Neil Gaiman:
"THERE ARE MYTH-PLACES. They exist, each in their own way, some of them are overlaid on the world, others exist beneath the world as it is, like an underpainting.
My angels was stolen from Ken Paton's Library
 There are moumtains. They are the rocky places you will reach before you come to the cliffs that border the end off the world, and there are caves in those mountains, deep caves that were inhabited long before the first men walked the earth. 
They are inhabited still"......
byneil gaiman' anansie boys 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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CU Clipart - 1
CU Clipart - 1 Our baby clipart comes in PNG format and are ready for instant download.
Religion symbols and clipart: how does religion contribute to ...
Religion symbols and clipart. list of all different religions and their beliefs, meanings of traditional religions vs world religions anthro, ...
Unique Art Vector Clipart | BoyGJ.COM
Unique Art Vector Clipart. Submitted by artbon on Fri, 2011/02/25 - 09:24. Graphic · Vectors. Unique Art Vector Clipart 15 AI | + JPEG Preview | 11.3 Mb ...
Frog Clipart Image - The Word "FROG" with Frog Skin Texture and ...
Clipart Illustration of the word "Frog" with a frog paw print in the center of the O. This is a clipart illustration by Chud Tsankov showing the word "Frog" ...
Eating Stromboli Clipart, Xpress Redi Set Go Recipes |
Himself in harlequins stead, but is refused by mangiafuoco, who decides to eat his who also voiced the coachman, and animated by bill tytla, ...

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carnaval Rio De Janeiro photo pictures 3D gif animation free download

3d gif animation .....spirits are high in Rio de Janeiro. The city Hotels already have close to ..... Below you will see photos, text and an official video of the ... Please see below some of my pictures, and official shoots from the event. ...... is a combination of hot sand, nice bodies and bright sun.Play Beach- Volleyball on 10 exotic locations around the world, from Cannes to Rio de Janeiro ......Samba, Sambadrome, Rio, de, Janeiro, Brazil, Sensuous, Dance, steps, .... Mix, Hit, Single, Hot, Girls, Download Junior Jack E Samba (High Quality .......GIF Animator provides an easy way to create an animated GIF file on a Unix system - most tools for this graphics format are PC......icon cool - Shareware Site for Vista icon editor, icon creator, XP icon maker, animated GIF maker, buddy icon maker, cursor editor, mouse pointer creator, ......3D gif animation photo images ecard clip art wallpaper......

In Your Wildest Dreams

It's been a while now I know.
But here I am with something I find incredibly saucy, sexy, hot (maybe romantic if you wanna be nice) and whatever other term makes you think of getting down to some erotica induced activities.  I came across this music video of two of my favorite artists Tina Turner & the illustrious Barry White ( no longer with us as you may know) & with it, which was a real surprise to me, an extract from the movie 9.5 Weeks. It is this movie that introduced me to the divinely scintillating Kim Basinger. Although, I stand corrected but I think it was Joe Cocker's _You Can Keep Your Hat On that was played for this scene. Even at 11 years old I found Kim fascinatingly beautiful. I confess I don't remember much about the movie except that after seeing it I was always on the lookout for her work which was largely very disappointing i'm sad to say but still, the lady doth sizzle..
I know the movie was way unacceptable for an 11 year old but it was just one of those things you simply had to see without being caught by adults. So when everyone was asleep I would creep along to the TV downstairs with a blanket, keeping the light off and the volume just above mute and be entertained. I got a huge, i mean huge crush on the dashing Mickey Rourke right there and can remember watching and re-watching every cheesy movie he ever made right up to my mid teens. Oh the foolishness of youth, but I would have been more the fool to not have been captivated by the roguish charm that was Mickey, for he was darn good looking then.  And then he got replaced by Brat Pitt upon watching Thelma and Louise.......that is another story of upgrading from crushing to perving - to be told another day :-)

I digress, please watch this music video and perhaps share your most favorite memories associated with it if you were old enough to make any. In the mean time, I'm off in search of my partner in all things erotic to make new, more appropriate Tina, Barry, Kim and Mickey inspired memories......

Enjoy the Video, link below:
barry white & tina turner Music Video by in your wildest dreams

Yes it was Joe Cocker


Dwayne Hoover, the owner of a successful Pontiac dealership, begins to go insane, suspecting that the world is an elaborate experiment in which he is the only real human being on the planet and everyone else is a robot meant to trick him. Meanwhile, the utterly failed pulp sci-fi writer Kilgore Trout comes to town to accept his first literary award.

First Sentence:
“This is a tale of a meeting of two lonesome, skinny, fairly old white men on a planet which was dying fast.”

happy mardi gras confetti with dancing and singing 3d gif animation graphic art free dowmload web blog desing

3d gif animation to create animated gif without installing software..create animated gif......make gif images for free using your photographs. It also allows you to share the gif images created......easy-to-use tool for creating various animations, buttons and banners that will make your website shine......If you ever wanted to have an animated avatar of yourself to put on your blog, website, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter but never figured out ...... powerful Animated GIF Maker which can make animated GIF-files from set of BMP, JPEG, ICO, PCX, TGA, PNG, Adobe Photoshop PSD ......icons are presented in PNG, the standard file format for icons on Linux. The files can be opened in any image editing ........web design, designer always look for new iconsets to use in their designs, we will try to make......3d gif animation free download.....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ble kta syg ssorg...

Ble kte syg ssorg uh....

Kte xnk khilangan dye....

Ble kte syg ssorg uh....

Kte mle riso ble dye xpduli an kte....

Ble kte syg org uh....

Kte jd tkot kalo dye pnting an org len/pompuan len....

Ble kte syg org uh....

Kte tkot dye akn tnggl an kte tuk org len....

Ble kte syg org uh....

Kte jd jelez kalo ad pompuan menggedix ato nk rapat2 ngan dye....

Ble kte syg org uh....

Kte tkot nnti dye jemu ngan kte.....

Ble kte syg org uh....

Kte slalu pk an dye xkre mse....

Ble kte syg org uh.....

Mcm2 pkran ngatif tmbul at kpale kte....

Ni sume tjdi ble kte syg org uh....

Jd nk xnk kte ttap kne cye an org yg kte syg uh...
Blaja tuk pcye....

For-Muhd Akif Farhan

When u find that special someone...

When u find that special someone...
Never let him go from u...
Never let that,not even once...
Trust that special someone...
Love him wif all ur heart coz if u don't do that u will regret...

Hehe-ap la aq mepek ni,jwang krat aq mmng mksudkn ap yg ak tlis..

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Illustrations Download Website 'Clipart AC' Restyling & Opening.
Illustrations Download Website 'Clipart AC' Restyling & Opening. Clipart AC is the English version of the Japanese website called "Illust-AC", that offers a free illustration download system ( adACHIEVE Ltd.).
Free - Latest News -

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Clipart tools on iTools
Showing tools tagged Clipart. ... Clipart tools. Showing tools tagged Clipart. ◯ Flickr Photo Search · iTools · Home. Huge photo sharing service with ...
Yo Gabba Gabba 26pc Digital Scrapbooking Clipart by momofweethree
Yo Gabba Gabba - I have to offer a Digital Scrapbooking clipart kit. This has 26 .pngs images that you are free to use ANY way you would like.
Unique Art Vector Clipart Hotfile Megaupload & MediaFire Free ...
Unique Art Vector Clipart 15 AI | + JPEG Preview | 11.3 MbDownload Link: http www.filesonic.comfile120557281Unique_Art.rar.
Silver Wedding Bands Clipart | Wedding Ceremony Clipart
A beautiful set of wedding rings, linked forever to represent the unending love of husband and wife.

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Increase Self confidence

Inspiratioanl Video to increase SelfConfidence 

Increase Self confidence

Inspiratioanl Video to increase SelfConfidence 


Set in Nazi Germany, a boy with a magic scream capable of shattering all the windows for a full city block decides that he wants to stop growing, and throws himself down a flight of stairs. His height stays at three feet throughout his adulthood as he has many adventures including becoming the leader of a gang of criminals, performing in a traveling circus, and engraving tomb stones.

First Sentence:
“Granted: I am an inmate of a mental hospital; my keeper is watching me, he never lets me out of his sight; there's a peep-hole in the door, and my keeper's eye is the shade of brown that can never see through a blue-eyed type like me.”

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