Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beautify your Spirit

It is very important to plant your own garden and beautify your own spirit, instead of waiting for somebody to get you flowers to lead a happy life.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feelings of Love

Love is the symbol of perpetuity: it amazes all the notion of time: wipe out all the memories of a beginning, all the fright of an end.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exclusive Love Quotes for your beloved

Passionate love is a satiating thirst....

Love happens between two people, in different kinds of isolation.
It can be in a crowd, but in an insensible crowd....

Do you want to know an excellent way to fall in love?
Just relate all your pleasing experiences with somebody,
and disassociate from all the unlikable ones.....

You can bestow without loving,
but you cannot love without giving....

Love creates the natural spirit tame,
and the tamest spirit uncultivated....

My heart is broken a lot of times.

There are lot of times that I sit thinking about you.
I know it is very difficult to let things go.
I often make an attempt to work on, but by no means has it appeared to work.

There is this gentlemen and his name is Kevin.
I have loved him since the commencement of the 7th grade and
I never had an idea that he had noticed me.

It’s been a whilst ever since; at this point I have been in love with him for 3 years.
He left me broken a lot of times. The only thing keeping me here is the thought of all the beautiful times that we had together.

The summarized version is that we went out together for like a month in the 8th grade and he broke up with me because I wouldn’t kiss him.

It was because his friend kept scouting on us and I have seen him and twisted my head.
He broke up with me and curved everyone at the educational institution and church against me.

I've weeped a lot of times over him and then that year, I got migrated to another school and he kept conversing with me and then give up. He did that a lot but one time, he really told me that he's liked me since the commencement of the 7th grade too and that he loved me too. Well I was actually pleased but then he left me again and give up talking to me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Love Quotes enthused by love

I’m happy to survive by your side every second…
This love quote is very appropriate for wedded couples. Through high and low, thick and thin, lastly both are wedded to each other and reside together in their own house sweet house. Both are pleased to have each other by their side. At that instant, nothing is significant now. Anticipating that the time will stop, enjoying the cheerfulness.

Astrology Quotes and sayings

Some Funny Astrology Quotes.

Who needs astrology? The wise man gets by on fortune cookies. ~Edward Abbey

I don't believe in astrology. The only stars I can blame for my failures are those that walk about the stage.
~Noel Coward

We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with. ~D.H. Lawrence

Astronomy to the selfish becomes astrology. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before a war military science seems a real science, like astronomy; but after a war it seems more like astrology.
Rebecca West

I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical. ~Arthur C. Clarke

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.
~John Kenneth Galbraith

Hillary [Clinton] and Nancy [Reagan] have a lot in common -- they're both smarter than their husbands and both consulted the stars for guidance, Nancy with astrology and Hillary with Barbra Streisand.
~Bill Maher

If the people were a little more ignorant, astrology would flourish... ~Robert G. Ingersoll

Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality. ~Steven Forrest

Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy: the mad daughter of a wise mother

The celestial bodies are the cause of all that takes place in the sublunar world. ~Thomas Aquinas

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautiful Love Quotes

Scared to Love

When I first met you
I was scared to like you.
When I first liked you
I was frightened to love you.
Now that I love you
I'm scared to lose you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right..Forget about the one's who don't.

Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.

If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it!

Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we've let them fly away.
Sometimes we are so caught up in who's right and who's wrong that we forget what's right and wrong.
Sometimes we just don't realize what real friendship means until it is too late.
I don't want to let that happen so I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Motivational books laud the emotion of love and applaud the dwelling of love, the heart. The reason too is reasonable. The love sprouting from the heart pervades the environs with real happiness. It cheers both the reciprocal recipients.

At the same time the vessel of love is most fragile. The one who does not read the warning written in silent mode ‘handle with care’ and manhandles or misbehaves with the heart, it yells and shrieks. It is as delicate as just born baby’s skin.

The mechanical strength of the heart is astoundingly high. It works years together without blinking for the fraction of second. It works as an automatic blood pumping machine ceaselessly throughout the span of life.

But slightest of emotional hurt makes it awry. When either of the lovers plays treachery, it goes haywire and aching starts.

It is said that there’s no balm or ointment available on heartache. When it suffers the whip of betrayal, it bleeds an invisible blood. Someone has rightly said,
‘God dwells in the heart. Never break heart, as the deed shall hurt Him.’

Parting or abducting someone who loves is the most intolerable punishment. Human being somehow digests it, but lovelorn love-bird drops dead if its partner parts away. It doesn’t find any purpose for the survival. It is demotivated. The saga of the love-birds is described in many-many inspirational books. G.J.BAJAJ

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In many of the motivational books, inspirational books, the role of love has been admired to the highest aspect.

Psychological aspects of all the emotions, except ‘Love’, are not that intricate. The intellectuals of the world are trying to define ‘Love’ since ancient times. It is so complex that every time they try to puzzle out, the newer face turns up.

When a man is in utter love with his beloved and vice versa, the union becomes homogeneous. From the bowl of syrup, water and sugar can not be differentiated. The love is genuine and true. The greatest and healthiest virtue the love is displays is a man losing his identity in a woman, and woman in a man.

The lovers lose appetite and sleep. He starts day dreaming. One can make out a person in love, by looking at his eyes from the distant.

Louis a May Alcott has rightly said,
‘Love is a great beautifier.’

Smile is a language of love. And smile is the cheapest cosmetic in the world. Hence correlating love and smile as the sides of the same coin, the statement made by him can be accepted indisputably.

Well, unless one renounce ego, he or she can not become a real claimant of love. And once you are free from ego, the boastful vanity leaves your face to enhance the beauty.

When you are in love, to increase your face value, cheerfulness unknowingly dwells on your face. Love blushes the cheeks and bring an uncommon charm on the face.

Love brings appreciation in the eye socket, spark on the eye balls. Blink in the eyelids and the flutter in the eye lashes. Love plays the role of Eye wash or Collyrium. And above all, the love fills the eyes with captivating dreams. Love indeed is a great beautifier. And this fact has been described in several inspirational books.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How is love stimulated by love quotes?

When two people have the same passionate feeling of love, it can be the most magnificent thing in the globe, a high of all high's. But if it's erroneous -"O no" love can become very perilous, if love is alone and only misleading then it can rule your life and take over totally no matter who you are. And most of us have had this understanding at least once in our lives.

Love is splendid love is great, when love has all the supremacy there's no room for hatred.

Love quotes from citizens around the planet.

You can be definite that we have all experienced love in any case once in our life's and if not "You Will" but what love can do is unexplainable. When two inhabitants are in love they do humorous things, like write down love quotes to one another or poems. And they also do other outlandish things that they wouldn't usually do when they are not in love. Some of those hilarious thing's are; Act ridiculous, Act as if to be outrageously saccharine, call each other amusing names such as, hunny, love bug, poopsie pie, butter cup, sugar buns, and all that passionate stuff but to hear those comical words from a human being that loves you, feel's so grand but coming from just a companion they do seem kind of very funny.

Love quotes are the excellent methods to articulate yourself to that unique person in your life.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sad, Heartbroken Text Messages - Part 3

Since a lot of people are requesting and are looking for them, here they are: MORE sad, heartbroken love quotes that you can share to your friends, family and loved ones. Other kinds of quotes and text messages will be posted regularly, so check back soon!
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1. wt if sum1 has taken ur place in ur LUv Ones heart?.. OUCH ryt? buT it hurts evn mOr wn uV realize dat… dat place has nvr bn urS AnYway.. :(
2. "In my dreams you gave me your heart, in my dreams we were never apart. In my dreams you hold me close, in my dreams you loved me most. If in my dreams we'd always be together, I might as well.. dream forever.."

3. It hurts when we risk our hearts and it ends up being broken; but what hurts even worse is when we still hold on when we already know that we’re waiting for nothing.
4. love hurts when you give up someone.
it hurts more when someone gives up on you.
but love hurts the most when the two of you keep holding on...
suddenly destiny gives up.

5. i love you and i don't want that to change..
i need you and i want you to feel the same..
i don't ask for much.. & i don't need much..
but i can't give everything i got..when i'm not
getting anything back at all ...
6. begin to learn.
dat kisses dnt alwys min

dt promises cn b broken juz
as quick as dey r mde..

dt sumtyms gudbyes r rili

& alwys rmmber 2
use ‘iloveyou” w/ xtreme

coz f usd in a wrong way,
sum1 wil end up getting

rmmber dt it shudnt b an
everyday word..

it also shudnt b said juz
bcoz ur xpctd 2 say it..

make sure u knw hw & wen
2 use it..

coz once ur in luv..

it shudnt b dt easy 2 fall out
of luv..

7. up to where you can prove your love 4 sum1?
wat will u do f ur loved one asks u..
"do u rili luv me?".. and then tells you..
"if yes, can u set me free?"


what my
for you

coz my
can lie
on whats true


even if
i close

i see you..... :(

9. love comes in our lives in a tricky way
sometimes we think we're in love
not knowing that we're just friends
yet sometimes, we stick to too much friendship
that we ignore the love we later on regret.
10. for so long i waited, i cried...
i kept all the fears, i stood up, i tried...
you told me youlove me but you don't, you lied...
you fooled me and all the words you said never came
from deep inside...

11. "wait" thats wat he said before he went away.
"wait" that's what i'm doing until today.
"wait" until forever i guess i will
i just wish i could have told him:
"wait i love you still...."
12. "hate the reality that we can never be
hate the truth that no matter what i do
im so not for you and you're not for me
hate the fact that someday, you'll meet that one for you
hate it most when i'll just be less than a friend to you.."

13. Dnt luk at me n
sy gudbye, dnt
whsper wrds 2
mke me cry, jst
wlk away f u hve
2 g0, u wil brk
my heart bt i
pr0mise i wnt evr
let u knw... :(
14. Hope
you'll find
the one you're looking for,

the one who will
treat you right
& love
you more..

someday you'll
see the
love you're
destined to be,

& whenever that
time comes...
i hope to see you

"Happy Finally..."

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