Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Does God speak to people?

I used to wonder how God speaks to people. I used to read peoples claim hearing the voice of God. I used to think I wasn't good enough to have that kind of experience. And at other times, I though, well lets be real, all those people that claim to have heard God were merely telling lies.

It took many years of devotion, patience, prayers and understanding, until it made sense to me. You see none of us have super-natural abilities to hear God. After all, we are all designed with the same concept and uniqueness. What we lack is wisdom and understanding of how God speaks to us.

No, God does not speak audibly. Rather, He sends other people to be His angels, to accomplish His purpose and will. Very often He sends people to help us with our struggles and to guide us. Can you recall a moment in your lifetime when you were confused and hopeless? It seemed like nobody could help you, and you had no way out. Then out of no where, the right people come your way to answer your prayers and guide you with struggles. I'm sure you have, I have as well. After reflecting on the past, I can assure you it was God's guidance not a mere coincidence.

Sometimes God talks out loud in your heart, in your conscience. He will get your attention one way or another. It could be a sudden disease, an accident, a major victory and joy in life. Whatever it is, when God decides to speak to you out loud, be prepared to face some major changes life.

Now, if you want to hear God, you must be still. By still, I don't mean motionless, rather in tune with His message and commands. You must first understand his revelation in His glorious books that He sent via many messengers and prophets, than you will understand His speech. Hearing God requires righteous behavior. You desire to hear God should out-weight your desires to sin. When that happens, you will see a transformation in you, and all of sudden, you will suddenly start understanding things more thoroughly. It will be like wisdom came out of nowhere. That's God speaking to you.

You see, God speaks to all of us. Its just we are deaf with our actions and morality, which prevents us from hearing His word. You will never understand God until you seek God with righteous actions. If you are not willing to go by His instructions, why should he follow yours? He is your creator. Until you change for good, and devote some time to praise and thank your creator, to worship and obey Him, don't be disappointed if He seems silent. The real silence could be your actions. [F.D]

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