Friday, July 27, 2012

Important info about Ramadan

What should be done in Ramadan:

> Offer every Salah (Prayer) with Jama'ah in a Masjid.

> To rise up little earlier for Suhoor and to offer the Salah of Tahajjud.
> The recitation of Glorious Qur'an. No specific limit is prescribed but one should recite as much of it as he can.
> Any Zikar or Tasbeeh.
> Make Dua’a and Supplications.> Sadaqah and Zakah (Charity).

What should be avoided in Ramadan:

> Telling lies.
> Avoid anger and conflict with people- Remember you are fasting.
> Quarreling.
> Eating unlawful things.
> Gheebah or Backbiting.
> Earning through unlawful means.
> Any act which may harm a person without valid cause.
> Burdening one's servants or employee with a toilsome job beyond their ability, without providing them facility to carry it out.

May Allah enable us to reap Ramadan benefits; Ameen!

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