Friday, July 27, 2012

Please ask about me

"If you don't find me in Jannah (Paradise) then ask about me.

'Surely the people of Jannah when they enter and they don't find those companions of theirs who were with them upon good in this world, then verily they will intercede for them in front of Allah s.w.t and they will say:

"Oh Rabb we have brothers and sisters who used to read salah and fast with us, we do not see them? Allah SWT will say: Go to the fire and take out any person who had even an atoms amount of Imaan (faith) in their heart."

And Hassan Basri has said: 'Have lots of believing friends, because they will be able to intercede for you on the day of qiyaamah (Resurrection)'
  And I am asking you: If you don't find me in Jannah, then please ask about me!

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