Sunday, July 29, 2012

O Allah! Please guide us

"O Allah, lord of the worlds! We seek your guidance and blessings in every task we partake. Please fill our hearts with beneficial knowledge and guide our footsteps to righteous behavior. Please allow us to be instruments of guidance and knowledge. Please give us the physical, emotional and financial means to continue voicing our opinions and sharing our knowledge. Please grant us wisdom that will benefit us and others. Please protect us from all harm. Please complete our faith by granting us the pleasure of serving and worshiping you. Please keep us steadfast in your path. Please protect our families and loved ones. Please instill peace and tranquility in our souls. Please send blessings, love, and protection in our homes. Please allow our end to be in paradise with our loved ones, all your followers, and you. Please make the deeds of all your followers enough to be admitted to paradise. And please grand our wishes, those that shall benefit us; Ameen! [F.D]"

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