Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ripple Effect. (Interesting concept)
  • The ripple effect is the gradual changing of the future timeline after the changing of present events. Items brought from the future transformed to become consistent with the alteration of the timeline are changed due to the ripple effect.
  • Not only objects, but people themselves can experience or knowingly live through the ripple effect itself due to the effects of changing time from someone or someones traveling through time into the past. The experience can be either positive or negative, either altering the time line around time travelers to a more acceptable one upon returning to a future time or being left in a present that is changed in the past by others or endangering one’s own existence all together.
  • Future created objects or people who traveled in time can fade away in the ripple effect or be changed to reflect the new present that now exists due to the occurrence of a ripple effect through the changing of events in a past time period.
  • http: //backtothefuture.wikia.com/wiki/Ripple_effect
  • Salt <3

Feelings, feelings, feelings. 
No words, just feelings.
And that’s the problem with this world, and the imbecilic people who live in it.
We all know feelings come and go. Feelings are completely unreliable. The reason why feelings seem to last so long when they’re based on other people, is because it’s not us we’re feeling for. We’re not the person, so the feelings can be just a wee-bit more consistent. We don’t necessarily know, so it’s much easier to base our feelings on someone or something that’s outward. Especially if no effort is made to really gain knowledge of the being or thing.
Stupid, just really stupid. All you have to do is think for once. But people are so consumed in their good feelings right now, they’re unwilling to take the pain that might just have to occur to ensure the possibility that things could go alright later on. If you live delirious, do you seriously think decisions aren’t going to drag you down later on?
Oh wait. What am I saying?
Feeling good right now is all that matters. Masking over the problems and making sure they don’t get in the way of happiness right now is what’s most important.
Thinking about the future is a waste of time. 

Caffeine crystals under the microscope

oh crap i'm on minecraft

Wow. What an eventful day already. I woke up and had strawberries and coffee for breakfast and then I went for a 3 mile run, and then i swam in a freezing cold pool after. And now I’m blogging.

imaginesharrystyles replied to your postBUT GUYS PIEN JUST CALLED ME A BOOB.

my dad called child services
you know how much this guy is an idiot
wow my dad is the stupidest, meanest human being ever

I’d be better off alone. Forever.
No one to worry about me.
No one to care.
I’d love to live alone so I don’t have to be a burden or dickhead to people.
I don’t know what confidence or self esteem is; this must tell me I have neither of these things.
I’m a bad person.
Death would be the easy way out.
But I don’t want to take the easy way out.
I have to work to get through “this”.
I say “this” because I don’t know what it is.
It stems from a little writing project I’m trying to do.
I have little confidence in it and then I show it to a friend and I lose all confidence in it.
Why, because she’d never normally read stuff that I’d write. It’s not her type of genre.
My phone’s on silent. My heart is dead.
Monosyllabic that’s my days and nights in one little word.
It’s easier to write like this than to write paragraphs.
I don’t feel in paragraphs right now. I feel in sentences.
Short sentences that make no sense. Much less to me.
I write to fill a void. I want to write to tell someone how I feel. A face I don’t know. A heart I’ve never seen.
I’m starving hungry. Bored out of my pathetic little mind.
She’ll end up reading this. Or she won’t. I’m not telling her about it. I’m going to learn to be quiet and keep stuff to myself. Figure out how to deal with things myself. Right now, I need everyone, but can’t tell no one how I feel. I don’t know how I feel. I feel it’s expected of me that I know.
I talk shit about myself and it hurts her. WOOOOOOOOOW! Well what about me?! Doesn’t anyone thing being like this kill me. I’d rather not feel like this.
Texting, Facebooking, MSNing doesn’t help me. Tumblr is easy. No one here knows me. I can just write. Feel like shit. Feel sorry for myself. And attempt to fix myself.
I try to watch videos on YouTube; it doesn’t help at all. Why? Because all my emotions and feelings have left my body with their little suitcases. Probably to find someone better. Eventually this will stop. Until the next time.

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