Saturday, July 21, 2012

The will of God

God works in miraculous ways. He answers prayers that we do not ask for, He sends hardships when we least expect them, and He gives when we don't need. Sometimes it seems like God does not understand us, and He does not care for us. After all, why would a loving God subject us to a lot of confusion and hardships in life. Shouldn't God send us peace and tranquility instead of difficulties and hardships?

We will never understand the will of God, unless we surrender to His will. As humans, we are limited in knowledge, wisdom, and things we can do. We cannot forecast the future, we cannot control natural disasters, or forces of the universe. We are limited by the abilities God has given us. Our very limitations do not allow us to see or understand God's plans, and therefore we need to let Him guide us. We need to trust Him fully, knowing that everything He does for us is perfect.

When God answers prayers that we do not ask for, He is fulfilling His will and is guiding us. He is answering our hearts desires. He is also testing our gratitude and thankfulness. We can't understand His plan, unless we learn to reflect and see His hand in all our blessings. God knows us, and if we are obedient and grateful, He provides us without asking. We should not confuse provision with laziness. By provision, God provides opportunities and wisdom, but we should strive to meet our needs.

Similarly, hardships enter our lives when we least expect them. Not only do they come by surprise, but sometimes they come all at once and at the worst time. While none of us likes to face hardships, God uses those circumstances to allow us to grow.

When we are faced with something new, it requires a new you. It requires different strategy, strength and wisdom. When the hardship comes to pass, only then will you understand the new growth in you; The will of God, and how he is using hardships to accomplish His will.

God also answers prayers that we do not need in order to test us. It may not make sense to you why God would give you more than you need or something you don't need, but God in His infinite wisdom has plans beyond our reasoning and understanding.

Sometimes you need new resources to do something you have never done before. Maybe it is to change someones life for good, or to prevent a natural disaster. Regardless of the purpose, all you can do is embrace the opportunities and strive to accomplish God's will.

Imagine having power to do anything, and realizing that even with all this power, no good can come of it, unless you have a lot of wisdom. Similarly, God teaches us that having things in our life, or having abilities and resources beyond our needs, doesn't necessarily mean happiness and success, rather it may be a waste and a burden for us. God gives the right tool, to the most qualified operator. Therefore, ask not why certain things don't work our way, rather allow God to show you His way.

Whatever God has written, shall come to pass. You have the choice to obey Him, or turn away from Him. Whatever course of action you take, if not by His grace, you will fall short of success. You will understand that you are limited by what you see, and what you do. You will realize that you do not know what good is, and you do not understand what good God has for you. Therefore, let God show you His goodness through His will. [F.D]

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