Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How God answers our prayers

If you feel like God has abandoned you, think again. He is there teaching you dependence, patience, and is opening you heart to a relationship you should focus on.

Very often we neglect our duty to our creator, by focusing in created things. We dedicate a lot of energy to humans, materialistic things, and end up creating false hopes that cause us a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. Then we turn to Him in prayer and desperation, by asking for things that may be harmful, or simply out of our reach for whatever reasons unknown to us, but precisely known and measured by God.

If there has been a prayer you have been praying for a long time, and God has been silent, please realize that maybe the answer is NO, or NOT NOW. God answers prayers. He wants us to listen to His voice, but He is also silent many times, to makes us go back to Him or to protect us from our deceptive hearts and minds.

When God says YES, you will know, and you will be appreciative of his blessings. When he says YES many times, you have built a relationship that is firm, and your faith in Him is unshakable. Keep praying and never lose hope, for one day all your prayers will benefit you in ways you do not see and perceive.

We are all unique. God may be distant and silent with some people, and He may be near and explicit to others. We all function differently. God knows us and works with us in ways that are best for us. Just remember, all prayers are answered by the will and wisdom of God, in His time, and in accordance with His plan. [F.D]

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