Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm a girl

I'm just an ordinary girl. I want to be loved by the people that I love. I'm just a girl who always wanted to be able to right his attention from you. When you want to leave me here alone I only be speechless. crying in tightness, deep sadness does. I spy an empty, because the eyes I'm looking for where you are, you who I love.

When I fall, I always hope you lend a hand you to grab me. When I'm sad I always wish you make me smile. True love that knows no fear. true love it takes struggle and sacrifice. I beg you don't ever say that you would leave me. don't ever leave me. because I know that as hard as anything I try to forget you, but I will always love you.

now i only can crying lamenting that has already happened, braced to lose you. Maybe I will be fine, but not today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I'll be fine when I'm able to forget you. forget all about us. I know it's impossible to happen. it all bcz i love you truely

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