Thursday, July 5, 2012

Seek the company of Allah

Why do I feel so alone. Why do I feel like Allah is not answering my prayers. Why do I have to suffer and other people seem to enjoy life.

You can continue questioning everything, or you can focus on improving every aspect of your life, starting with the belief in Allah and his plan. Knowing that his power and wisdom will always guide you with the best outcome.

Never allow negative thoughts to affect your happiness or to compare your happiness to others. You really never know the suffering and pain someone is going through, you only see the outside frame which very often is deceptive.

Allah always answers prayers, but in his time not ours. He uses difficult times to teach us dependence and reliance upon Allah s.w.t. He uses difficult moments to teach us humility and make us more humble.

You are never alone. You only feel alone because you seek the company of other people, when Allah should be your first company, then people.

Keep praying, keep striving, keep doing good, and keep being thankful, for indeed these qualities will improve your life in this world, and will be your means to paradise in sha Allah! [F.D]

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