Monday, July 9, 2012

Success lies with Allah

Life will not always be pleasant. You will certainly have hardships in life that will knock you down. It will shake the real depth of your soul. You will be hopeless, powerless, and struggling to see light. You will also have Allah always ready to help.

You must first understand Allah's plan, and become content with His plan, by accepting everything that he sends your way. When you accept Allah's decree, you will be at peace with yourself and Allah. You would have defeated the first step of any hardship; acceptance of reality.

By accepting a hardship, we accept that a problem has come our way, and instead of complaining, we need to stand up for ourselves. We need to use each hardship to fill the cracks in our life, that allow such things to come to us. We need to focus in our relationship with Allah, by seeking His help and allowing Him to initiate change for the next step of our life, which He has destined us for.

Each hardship serves many purposes. Sometimes a hardship is from Allah, sometimes a hardship is you. Allah sends hardships to those whom He loves. He tests His best. Think of all the prophets, and their struggle in this world. Yes they are the best of mankind, but they also struggled the most.

You see, opportunity and growth lies in the greatest challenges that we face. We become knowledgeable and gain strength, by facing a problem we never had encountered before. We become experienced and ready to accept the knowledge and revelation that Allah sends to us. He does not give us knowledge in which we are not ready to understand it, or cannot face it yet. He gradually molds us, by fixing our flaws and giving us knowledge in other areas that we need to carry on with His plan.

What you need to understand is that when Allah sends severe hardships your way, he has great plans for you. He has great plans, and you will be the instrument of his work. You may not have His vision, but you will be His result.

When you are the cause of hardships, you are ignoring the problems in your life, instead of fixing them. You first need to analyze every aspect of your life. When you understand the cause, you need to stand up and face the problem with your will and Allah's help. When you fix yourself, you allow good to come into your life.

Remember: No hardship lasts forever. Allah says in the glorious Qur'an: "Verily with hardship comes ease! (Qur'an 94:6). So your first weapon against any hardship is the acceptance of relief.

You will certainly be victorious in everything you face. Just focus in improving yourself, for change comes from within. And when you change yourself, and allow good to come your way, Allah sends greatness in your life. He molds you into a person you never thought of. He fixes you, and He uses you to fix others. And that is the greatest victory of all. That is wisdom and power of Allah.

Verily, blessed are those who allow Allah to work in their life. [F.D]

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