Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Cherish Every Moment With You

im inlove with dont know how much i love you, how much i shake when i walk in the street while reading your messages on my phone. and i save all of our online conversations..i feel a smile slip on my face at the sound of your name...i think about you most of the time. when i go to bed i cant help but fallin love with you again and again, i cherish every moment that we spend time together because im scared that one day it will never happen again. and everytime you walks in my mind i keep on singing a song title "i miss you like crazy". i dont know but this is really what i feel for you.  you are the first person i look for when i enter a room and i fall asleep to the memory of your face.. you're breathtaking and ive never seen such a gergoeous smile; but like i said, im inlove with you.

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